Just a few comments from satisfied clients

“The first resume I mailed helped me get the position I really wanted. The hiring manager told me that my resume was the ‘best he’d ever seen’ and I was one of four candidates out of 450 resumes that was selected for an interview. Thanks so much!”
Alonzo P. – District Manager in Sacramento, CA

“The resume prepared for me got me a job earning $15,000 more than I used to make. All three people who interviewed me commented on how ‘readable’ it was. Thanks again!”
B. Cunnigham – Sales Manager in Kenilworth, New Jersey

“Thank you so much for all of your excellent work! I am so pleased with my resume. I will recommend you to anyone in need of a great resume writer.”
T. Muller – Construction Businessman in Dubai, UAE

“You are absolutely amazing. I cannot believe that you created that from the mess I sent you. I will be contacting my former co-workers tomorrow and highly recommending your service. Thank you so very much. I feel more positive now than I have in several days.”
Tammie M. – Client Services Director in Dallas, TX

“Thank you so much for your help with my resume, cover, and thank you letter. I reviewed all 3 items, and they are perfect! I really appreciate the quick turnaround as well. I’ll be sure to pass along your info to everyone else I know.”
Ryan A. – Commercial Real Estate Broker in Corona, CA

“Dear Razor Edge Resume Staff, I just want to say thank you for your services. Everything looks great. When my family and friends see my resume and ask me where I got it done, I’m going to refer them to you! Thanks again.”
Daniel L. – E-Marketing and Advertising Professional in Washington, DC

“Thank you sir, well done. If I run across any one that needs assistance I will send them your way. Have a great day.”
Elisabeth J. – Store Manager in Greentown, IN

“Thank you! It looks great and I appreciate your attention to my needs and the quick turnaround. Thanks again!”
Nochollas R. – Public Relations Executive in Los Angeles, CA

“Wow!!! Is that even me? Looks so awesome! Thanks. :)”
Stuart V.R. – Senior Vice President in St. Petersburg, FL

“I received the resume and letters, they all look great! Thank you for everything, and for sure I will recommend you.”
Barbara L. – Executive Administrator in Bronx, NY

“Many thanks for your products! Prompt responses and your good wishes! Certainly need all those I can get right now. Now off to prepare for that forthcoming interview. :)”
William Z. – Senior Facilities Manager in Miami, FL